Youth Program

No doubt youngsters are back born of any nation, also our God also like young and energetic people for his kingdom work as per Bible says “ As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth” Psalm 127:4 Unfortunately Pakistani youth is surviving in very bad conditions due to bad economy there is no jobs, no work, factories are closed due to non availability of electricity etc. After these circumstances our youth is wandering here and their without any purpose, they victim of drugs, bad habits etc. Also here in Pakistan there is one of most big problem that is called discrimination with minorities if there are any good jobs you can not get it due to your religion therefore mostly you will see our Christian youth is addicted, and have jobs of cleaning in every field of life in Pakistan. We CCP Ministries Pakistan has pain to do something for their better future therefore we helped to more than 10 youngster to run their small business to earn something for their families also we do organize small programs like games to save youth for their bad habits as you can see under below. We need support to provide them small businesses for their better growth for more detail email us on