Women Empowerment

AS you can understand the meaning of Women empowerment means we CCP Ministries Pakistan want to empower women in Pakistan,who they are victim of harrasment,sexuel abuses,force conversion etc.

Due to poverty when Christian women go outside from their houses for work and earning they mostly victim of dirty mind people who they already think that its good deed to harras,sex or force conversion to christian women theirfor they also offer jobs just for women or girls but not for boys and they hang banners in differnt christian areas.

God pour in our heart that we should do somthing for them even we do not have lots of resources but in very limited resources with some local support we are trying our best to empower women,right now we are running two sewing centers where women,girls come to learn and go to earn thank God.

it is training of six month or one year inwhich they learn and they we provide them their own machines as a gift on completion of their training with diploma etc.

As per our observation we have seen that these trained girls or women can get good earning through this skill and they can take lot of work from market even people give them business from different markest to sewing their cloths etc.and with this they are doing good for their children and families.

Please give your hands in our hands to continue it in different areas of Pakistan,one machine cost is $300 and one sewing center needs 10 machines minimum where twenty women can learn and earn.for more detail contact us through our contact button.may God Bless you all.