Urdu Bibles

Without any doubt that Urdu is our mother language and every body want to read it with interest for this purpose we have distributed and are distibuting holy Urdu Bibles among people of Pakistan who they read it carefully and according to our faith changes their lives in Jesus name.
We CCP Ministries Pakistan has distributed lot of Urdu Bibles among people of Paksitan we know its costly for pakistani Christians but thankful to those friends who they sent us Holy urdu Bibles for the spirtual growth of peopel in Pakistan.

As per our vision we are preaching in outreach and backward areas of Pakistan there we see people belongs to poor families and they are living in very miserable condition and can not get it due to its cost.Lets join your hand in our hands to spread the gospel through holy Bibles in all over Pakistan and we believe God as great reward for you against this act.May God bless you all.