1- Gospel Preaching

We feel proud to tell you that CCP Ministries Pakistan is preaching the world of God through outreach in Pakistan from last five years in very limited resources, We have strong believe in God that is great source of provision and who is using us for his kingdom work in Pakistan.

To accomplish our vision we are reaching in un-reached areas where mostly people don’t want to go due to distance, 295c, backward etc.

We have preached in different areas of Pakistan through Conventions, Open Air meetings, seminars, house to house preaching, children care, Free Bibles, and among Gentiles etc. In these last few years we have won hundred lives for Christ especially from Gentiles who they accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Please keep us in prayers to grow the work of God in all over Pakistan.

2- Bibles for Pakistan.

Pakistan is an Islamic Country where Gospel preaching is very tough specially when you give evidence in shape of Holy Bible to any Muslim under the threat of 295c act which is blasphemy law and many are murdered, discriminated in Pakistan.
We CCP Ministries Pakistan are committed on our vision and not only preaching the word of God orally but physically in shape of Bibles which works a lot to change lives in Pakistan.
During our visit in different areas of Pakistan we have observed that people has thirst for Bibles but they cannot purchase it due to their poverty which is very painful for us so please keep this project in your daily Prayers. God bless you all.

3- Children Care

CCP Ministries Pakistan is walking with God honestly, We are thankful to our Lord who has given us vision to preach the gospel not only among adults,youngters,old but even among Children that is very courage for us, because we also wish to make strong base of Pakistani Christian Children through Sunday Schools. Therefore We are running Sunday Schools in those areas where there is no Church or any other place to worship of Lord Jesus Christ. We provide them spiritual education for their spiritual growth through Holy Bible & free Sunday School Literature as well as we also encourage them through different kind of activities like gift distribution, trip to parks, Bible competition etc please keep us always in Prayers May God bless you all.