Gifts for Children

Gifts For Children

CCP Ministries Pakistan is not only preaching orally but according to our Lord’s mission helping to helpless in needs of peopel of Pakistna
Specially on the occassion of Christmas which is our great event and when our Lord Jesus Christ born in this world for our salvation,thank God.

Every Year on Christmas eve We CCP Ministries Pakistan distribute Christmas gifts through your support among people of Pakistan and i believe the friends who they share their love gifts for them have a great blessings after that.

Our CCP Ministries Paksitan’s distribution measure level is very strict because we just distribut among those peopel who they are really in need and deserving which is our standard thank God for the honesty with our work in this matter too.

We distribute among Widows,orphans,needy people etc in shape of cloths,eatables,gifts,shoes etc.Please keep you also in your daily prayers and be our team members to support those who they are really in need to get blessings in Jesus name.Amen

God bless you all.