Formal Education

Peace,Prosperity,humanity is not possible without education,even holy Bible says “its not good for soul without education” therefore
We CCP Ministries Pakistan are struggling to make it possible to provide free education for those who they can not afford their fee,
uniform,books etc.

Pakistan is our beloved and peaceful country but unfortunatly we are facing terrorism,economic problems,unempolyment etc due to lack of education,
75% public are illitrate due to poverty,few institues are available but they are very costly and due to high cost of fesses they can not send their children for education,

By the grace of God we are providing education as per modern age through Television,internet,computers in very limited resources,we have our targeted area f.Block youhanabad where its really needed and people are living in this area in very miserable
condition and thank God we are feeling peac in our hearts to give them education and we believe in few years this nation will be change due to education and even we just dont concentrate on worldly educaiton even on spirtual education because we think Holy Bible teaches about peace and with
Christ their can not be peace in the world because He is prince of peace.Amen.Please keep us in prayers to grow the work of God in Pakistan.

Our Mission:

Beacon Kids Aims to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence
through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefit to our students,communit y and the wider world.