English Bibles

Ye all world knows that Pakistan is an Islamic country where “Urdu” is an mother language and also, here people are not well educated due to their poverty specially Christians and also people mostly like to speak,read and write Urdu language,but when we CCP Ministries Pakistan arrived in different areas of Pakistan we observed that some people also want to know more about English language and they are fond of reading English Bibles as per their education but they are rare.
According to our faith and vision its also good and blessful for us to donate English Bibles as well to people who they can understand english,for this purpose we have and are distributing holy English Bibles among people of Pakistan which is also encouraging for us and we believe people are saving their lives through this as well in Jesus name Amen.Keep us in your daily prayers and be out team partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan God bless you all.